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Sleeping Bags

Soft, squeal-worthy and fun Sleeping Bags

Sleepovers are about to get a whole lot cozier. Our incredible, super plush sleeping bags are a must-have! Extra thick, they feature a soft, colorful exterior and a faux Sherpa lining that you’ll never want to roll out of. They’re available in a variety of fun fleece prints, including s’mores, cupcakes, and emojis. We also have super cute furry sleeping bags that come in fun styles (think unicorns, sloths, pandas, llamas and more!). These sleeping bags are machine washable and roll up into their top pocket, making them as easy to clean as they are to transport. And don’t forget our plush nappin’ sacs. Sewn on three sides, these toasty blankets make sure your feet never get cold! With these awesome products, sleepovers and camping trips will never be the same!