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Stuffed Animals

Our cuddly stuffed animals are about to be their new BFFs

Our soft, colorful and absolutely adorable stuffed animals are sure to become a favorite with kids of all ages. Whether they want something small that can be tucked away with ease, a stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow or a regular old stuffy, we have what kids are looking for!

Our silly fleece hangin buddies have Velcro on their hands and feet so they can hang out with you just about anywhere. You can decorate a doorknob, your backpack or your camp bunk. They come in emoji, unicorn and reindeer designs — and some are even scented!

Our furry pillow stuffed animals are cute and comfy. Made with soft faux fur and fleece, they come in the cuddliest shapes! From a jellyfish, caticorn and octopus to a bear, shark and panda, we’ve got something for everyone — even fleece dinosaur pillows for all of the dino lovers out there!

Looking for a standard stuffed animal with a super cute twist? We have those too! From emoji besties to flamingo, moose and a vanilla-scented tie dye narwhal, our stuffed animals are guaranteed to up their snuggle game!